Meet the team

Nitzan Yudan

CEO & Co-Founder

Nitzan has 12 years of experience in financial services, IT, and tourism, as well as an MBA from the London Business School and an MSc (Magna Cum Laude) in Industrial Engineering & Management from Ben Gurion University, Israel. Nitzan is an avid traveler and backpacked for over 2 years in 5 continents.

Matthew Chic


Matt completed his BA at University of California, Santa Barbara and his MBA in San Francisco before moving to London. While a proud northern California native, Matt has lived and traveled in many countries - sometimes with a surfboard in tow. Occasionally, he also has fun making noise on a violin.

Sandra Crespo


Sandra holds an Advertisement Degree from Rey Juan Carlos University, and a Masters in Marketing from ESG Paris. She has worked in Madrid, Paris and London for  over 10 years, helping companies of every size improve their results through digital marketing. She enjoys Vinyasa Yoga, folk music and independent cinema.

Dima Brodsky


Dima has 8 years’ experience in R&D leadership roles in Israel, as well as an MBA from IDC. Dima played tennis for 6 years and today he is a big fan of this sport and has never lost an opportunity to watch Roger Federer’s games. Dima’s curiosity about different cultures makes him travel around the world to meet new people.

Marketing Team

Samuel Adegbola

Marketing Designer

Sam is studying for his Bachelor degree in Information Technology at the Middlesex University. He loves everything fashion, which is why he started his clothing line (Made In London Apparel) as well as technology, travelling and meeting new people.

Human Resources

Louise Anderson

HR Manager London

Louise is from London and is a qualified CIPD Associate with 5 years of experience in the HR and recruitment profession. She enjoys travelling to new places, reading and watching movies.

Gohar Hovhannisyan

HR Manager Armenia

Gohar has about 12 years of experience in HR and L&D. Gohar holds a Certificate in Executive HR Leadership from Cornell University (e-Cornell) and a Master of Arts in Sociology from Yerevan State University. Gohar is a mother of 2 beautiful boys and enjoys cooking for her family and friends. Gohar loves arts and culture in all expressions. Her slogan is - Life should be colorful, beautiful and tasty

Elena Tirtiu

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Elena joined our FlatClub team as HR Specialist to prospect and recruit talented candidates. Prior to joining, she worked for 5 years in HR and Recruitment from Vienna and Paris in the NGO, Corporate and Start-up sector. Elena practiced modern sport fencing for 8 years and continues to be a huge sports fan. She enjoys travelling, ice hockey and good tabletop RPGs.

Experience Team

Marc Grezlikowski

B2B Marketing Team Lead

Marc was born in Berlin and completed his degree in Political Science at the Freie Universitaet Berlin. After working in Melbourne and traveling through Australia, he moved to London in 2015. He’s passionate about traveling, cooking and meeting friends for dinner and drinks.

James Williams

Content Specialist

From Shrewsbury in the West Midlands, James completed his BA in English at the University of Leeds and has been a keen writer ever since. He has worked in Toronto, Warsaw and London, and in his spare time enjoys writing fiction, music reviews, and hiking up big mountains.

Miguel Jimenez

HTML Specialist

Miguel comes from Madrid, where he studied Chemistry engineering at Autonoma University. After a few months working for the Spanish National Research Organization, he decided to challenge himself and move to a new city. Now he works in FlatClub creating code in HTML language. He is keen on music, playing his guitar in his free time.

Retention Team

Keith Yung

Retention Manager

Keith is originally from Hong Kong and completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Management from University of Sheffield. He previously worked in retail marketing in London and Hong Kong. He's also a keen traveller and enjoys exploring the city on foot, indie music and Hitchcock films.

Host Account Management

Maria Greiner

Senior Host Account Manager

Maria joined FlatClub in as an intern and changed her role into a full time position after one month. Born in Germany, she finished her Bachelor Degree in Business Administration with focus on finance and marketing and is currently studying a Master's degree in General Management.

Jesus Espiñeira

Host Account Manager

Jesus came to London two years ago, after finishing his studies on administration and finances to learn English. He loves traveling , cooking and football is his passion.

Employees Customer Success Team

Sophia Powell

Head of Customer Success

Sophia joined our team in December 2016 as Head of Service and is responsible for the help and support that we provide our clients' employees with when helping them relocate to a new city. She previously worked for a fast-growth tech company that provides employee engagement platforms and led on the employee experience there. She's a born and bred Londoner who enjoys travelling and cooking for friends and family.

Marguerite Gourlet

Senior Customer Success Consultant

Marguerite moved to London after completing her Bachelor degree in Hospitality Management at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne in July 2015. She loves to travel and already lived in France, Portugal, Japan, Morocco, Hungary and Switzerland. Her thing is to always discover new cultures and meet new people.

Joao Silva

Customer Success Consultant

Joao moved to London in 2014. He plans to have his own business later in the future after getting the idea! He joins FlatClub as a Customer Sucess Consulltant in order to gain valuable experience and knowledge in the field. On his spare time he enjoys to relax with his family and watch films at home but if the weather allows, he is always up to a walk in the park with family and friends.

Jan Zanato

Customer Success Consultant

Jan grew up in the small town of Tenby in South Wales. He then moved to London to start life in the city and joined FlatClub in 2016 straight after finishing his degree in Geography at King's College London. In his spare time he enjoys visiting new places and always takes his camera with him being a keen photographer.

Supply Team

James Bugner

Head of Supply

James joins FlatClub as the oldest member of the London Team and with this over 10 years experience in Sales Management and Entrepreneurship both within the UK and New York. Being a proud father of 4 children you will often see James running the streets of Kent to escape and relax!

Abel Ribeiro

Business Development Manager

Having completed his Bachelor degree in Economics, Abel wants to gain valuable experience in entrepreneurship. His interests lie in sports, demography, exotic food and e-business. In his spare time, he's currently learning a couple of programming languages to complement his skill set.

Uli Kaufmann

Business Development ​Specialist

In April 2015, Uli moved from Germany to London and started to work as a freelance interior photographer. 3 months later, he joined the Host Recruitment Team at FlatClub. 

Ewa Glab

Senior Business Development Specialist

Ewa has been living in London for the last 3 years and originally comes from lovely Poland. While doing a BA in television production and technical arts at Middlesex University, she's been working in the television industry. Her main passion is making documentaries, but she also enjoys music, football and meeting new people.

Pedro Arasa

Business Development ​Specialist

He is a Spanish/Venezuelan who likes travelling, getting to know people from different parts of the world. Football is one of his main passions. Coming from a journalism background he has adapted into the role of sales. He got previous experience in sales within a start up's environment in Paris but also he lived in Valencia and Barcelona. London is his new challenge.

Tin Novakovic

Growth Specialist

Tin is a London native calling SW his home, he brings growth hacking experience to the team and endeavours to automate anything that can be automated within the business. Prior to FlatClub Tin freelanced calling many award winning business his clients including technology giant Cisco.

Business Development

Steve Day

Head of Business Development

Steve Day was educated at West London University in Business Studies and has been a proud Salesperson and Sales Manager since 1991 for leading global corporations, including 12 years at Oracle.

Anthony Ogunbowale-Thomas

Business Development Manager

Anthony is passionate about technology, culture and marketplaces. He was born and lives in London and loves cream tea and movies.

Sophia Alvarez

Senior Business Development Specialist

Sophia is French and has recently graduated with an MA in Management and Entrepreneurship from European Business School Paris. After travelling to Spain and Australia, she eventually moved to England in January 2015 to complete a study abroad program at EBS, Regent’s University London.

Jack Alcock

Senior Business Development Specialist

Jack is quite new to London, having come from Australia where he had 8 years of business development experience, mostly in education technology. He loves writing music and travelling.

Marc Grumé

Account Manager

​Marc​ is from Barcelona and moved to London after completing his Master’s Program in Entrepreneurial Management in San Francisco. He is a music enthusiast and loves being in contact with nature as well as hanging out with friends. Additionally, he is passionate about startups and is always up for new challenges.

Product Team

Natalie Wayne

Product Owner

Natalie joined Flatclub as a Product Owner to gain a deep understanding of the user needs and drive forward solutions. She brings over 10 years worth of product management experience, previously working for an international online maths education company and responsible for managing the delivery of the rapidly evolving product. She holds a bachelor's degree from Nottingham University in Biochemistry and Biological Chemistry.

Maria Titova

Product Owner

Maria has extensive work experience analyzing and managing IT products. She recently came from Russia to London, and joined FlatClub team where she became the subject matter expert of our platform. She loves to learn new techniques, broad her mind and share knowledge with others.

Zsolt Istvan

Lead Web Designer

Before joining Flatclub as a lead web designer, Zsolt worked as a digital design consultant creating web and mobile solutions for world renowned brands. When he isn’t solving a problem, creating wireframes or playing with colours and type faces, you can find him spending time with his family.

Development Team

Gohar Aghababyan

Head of Development

Gohar has a Master’s degree in Computer Science. However, her main specialty is Information Security, she has 3 years of experience working on it. She loves swimming, workout at the gym, ice skating and adores Dostoevsky.

David Harutyunyan


David has a bachelors degree in Applied Mathematics and Informatics from Yerevan state University. He has about 16 years of experience in IT field. He likes listening to music and interested in science and space.

Shushan Petrosyan

Scrum Master

Shushan has a Master's degree in physics and she's about to get a PhD. She has around 4 years of experience working as a web developer. Besides many other things she does in her spare time she is involved in gathering and digitizing information about Armenian rich historical heritage.

Arman Kirakosyan

Scrum Master

Arman holds Bachelor and Master degrees from Informatics and Applied mathematics faculty of Yerevan State University. he is a senior software developer with more than 10 years of experience, worked as team lead past 3 years before joining FlatClub.

Narine Sargsyan

Scrum Master

Narine has Bachelor's degree in Law, for several years she has been doing freelance as a front end developer, after that she has worked as a PO assistant. Narine lovesyoga and hanging out with her friends. Narine is taking translation courses at Armerican University of Armenia. Narine's says "Life is really short, so enjoy every moment of it".

Kristina Filipyan

QA Leader

Kristina has 5 year experience in QA. She has studied her BA in Japanese Language and after experiencing in different areas such as HR and Brand manager in retail, also as office manager in Software company she find herself as QA. She is open to get new knowledges in different areas.

Zhanna Ayvazyan


Zhanna holds a Masters Degree in Engineering and she has been working for a year as a photographer. She likes to play the guitar, dancing and singing, also traveling and finding beautiful places around the world.

Sirush Aghababyan


She has a Masters Degree in Computer Science. Loves reading, she is a big fan of Vogon poetry and Dostoyevsky. Loves culture and languages, has worked as security tester in the past. She is using all her free time to find useful things to send to her penpals living across the world.

Davit Harutyunyan

QA Automation

Davit is senior automated QA engineer. He has graduated from Yerevan State University, faculty of Mathematics.  In his spare time he likes to spend time with his friends and family as well as go out of the city at the weekends, and spend time in fresh air with them

Yelena Oboyantseva

QA Engineer

Yelena has a Master’s degree in Computer Science. Her main specialty is Information Security. Yelena has 4 years of experience working in QA. She loves swimming, reading, painting, animals, culture and music, also traveling.

Ani Oganesova

Software Developer

Ani has a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics and Informatics from State Engineering University of Armenia. In her free time she is watching movies and reading books, but her real passion is travelling. Besides many other things Ani is interested in Computational Geometry.

Artak Poghosyan

Software Developer

Artak has almost 3 years experience of working as a Front End Developer, continuously learning more about the sphere and enhancing his professional skills. He likes hiking, playing football, working out, painting,listening to the music and of course travelling.

Ruben Sargsyan

Software Developer

Ruben has a master degree of Semiconductor Physics and Microelectronics. He started software development and client side development while doing bachelor degree. He loves diving and watching Formula 1. He also thinks that imagination is more important than knowledge.

Artur Edilyan

Software Developer

Artur has 6 years experience working as a full stack software developer. He has a Master's degree in applied mathematics. Before joining FlatClub he worked on his own start up project. He likes to go to the swimming pool, love spending time in nature, watching movies and spend time with his friends.

Tigran Makichyan

Sofware Developer

Tigran has a bachelor degree Mathematics from Yerevan state University. He has a 3 year experience in software development. He loves to create well-designed ideas and find new architectural solutions for them.He likes a German Shepherd.

Arthur Baghdasaryan

Sofware Developer

Arthur 5 years worked as a software developer creating web and windows applications for company which worked investors stocks management. 2 years have worked in gambling company (sports book,casino,etc...)

Suren Hovakimyan

Sofware Developer

Suren has Master degree from Informatics and Applied mathematics faculty of Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University. About 3 years of experience as a software developer. He likes skiing, playing football, guitar and spend time with his family and friends.

Arsen Asulyan

Sofware Developer

Arsen has a Master's degree in Informatics and applied mathematics from Yerevan State University. He likes solving logical problems, playing chess and football, watching comedy programs and of course dancing.

Andranik Sargsyan

Sofware Developer

Andranik has 3 years of experience working with web technologies. He is a Master of Informatics and Applied Mathematics from State Engineering University of Armenia. His hobbies are music, photography, hiking, playing guitar and poker. He also likes creating games as well as playing them. Gives a special priority to religion.

Armen Alexanyan

Full Stack Developer

Armen has 7 years experience working as a full stack software developer. He has a Master's degree in Computer Science and doing his PHD. He is crazy lover of cars, enjoys driving and plays football at spare-time. Loves spending time with his family at weekends.

Yang Wang

Software Developer

Yang is a senior software engineer from China and has worked as a developer over 10 years. He likes to go mountain climbing in his free time and enjoys taking care of his child.