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Before You Go to Glasgow

If you’re new to the UK, make sure that you’ve gotten all the proper documentation and you are aware of what you need to bring and what’s expected of you. For visitors from outside the EU, you’ll need a visa to work in Scotland. For more information on how to obtain this if you have not been sponsored by your company, check the official website of the UK government.

If you are coming from within the EU or the UK, we still advise that you do a check-up with your local doctor and dentist just to see if there is anything that should be prescribed or treated before you go. If you have insurance in your country, check and see if it’s applicable in Glasgow.

Accommodation in Glasgow

It’s a good idea to arrange short or medium term accommodation before you arrive in Glasgow - that way you have a place to call home as soon as you land. Staying in a neighborhood where actual people in similar situations to yours live is a good idea - find a medium term 3 - 6 month let on FlatClub to get acquainted with the city of Glasgow.

Just Landed!

You’re most likely to arrive in Glasgow Airport, which is pretty near the city centre. There are a few different ways to get there from the airport:

Bus: If you choose to take the bus into the city centre of Glasgow from the airport, there are a few options for route. The main bus depot you’ll want to arrive on once you get to Glasgow city centre is Buchanan Street. On average, it takes about 30 minutes to arrive via bus into Glasgow’s centre.

Train: You can also travel via train by catching one of the rails via Paisley Gilmour Street. This is a good choice if you’re ultimate destination is further along in Scotland than the city centre of Glasgow. It will end up taking you a longer time to get into Glasgow via this route, than just taking a bus, however.

Driving/Taxi: If you drive, you can take the M8 from the airport all the way into Glasgow proper. Or you can take one of the many taxis along the airport, at a cost of about £25, and will take you around 20 minutes to get there.


Glasgow is generally a safe city, but as with any unfamiliar area you should stay aware. There are areas that are unfriendly, but it’s unlikely that a visitor will find themselves there. If you run into any trouble, remember these phone numbers:

Police: 101

Ambulance/Emergency Medical Service: 999

Keep safe tips are the same as in any city - avoid flashing lots of cash around, don’t wear any flashy jewellery, and if travelling at night try to do so in a group or in well-lit areas.