How Should I Budget for Dublin?

How Much is an Apartment in Dublin?

Accommodation in Dublin varies - but in a general sense you can expect to pay about €1,200 for a one bedroom apartment monthly in the city center. It’s fairly easy to find accommodation as well, as Dublin has been built up in recent years - the Celtic Tiger period brought more housing & jobs to the city.

There are also options for staying outside of Dublin city center, and if you choose to live outside of the city you can expect to pay around €900 a month for a one bedroom apartment, depending on the neighborhood.

Cost of Travel in Dublin

Public transportation in Dublin is mostly made up of buses - they’re nice, modern buses with free wifi and make announcements for each stop. Your fare is determined based off of your final destination - unlike London buses where it’s a flat fee. So when you get on, tell the driver where you're going & you pay in exact change for your final destination. If you don’t have exact change, you will receive a receipt that you can bring to the main Dublin bus terminal to receive a refund.

There are other public transport options in Dublin, and the DART & LUAS trams are another way to get from place to place & see Dublin. For a 7 day pass from a suburb of Dublin to the Dock area you can expect to pay €30 a week. Of course, you can also drive through Dublin, with petrol prices slightly lower than in London, but more expensive than the United States. There is also a road tax to account for, which may make driving into the city rather unpalatable. In general, driving in Dublin is less expensive than driving in London.

Average Food Costs in Dublin

Food Costs in Dublin

Dublin like many major cities has a booming restaurant scene. With a variety of food options you can choose to have cheap Vietnamese, or expensive French food and everything in between. A meal out in Dublin at a mid-range restaurant with one drink can be estimated at €34.

Grocery costs are about on par with other European cities, where a couple budgeting properly can spend around €200 a month on groceries, less without alcoholic purchases. There are budget grocery store chains as well, such as Aldi, and buying own brand groceries in Ireland will save you a lot of money.

Internet & Phone Costs in Dublin

Broadband speeds in Ireland are above average, and the cost in Dublin is lower than in other European cities - averaging about €24 for a month of broadband.

Pay As You Go phones are a popular option in Dublin for visitors & those who are just relocating. You can get a prepaid phone for €20 from Tesco, and top up your minutes for €10. These top ups & phones do have different deals and costs, so if you plan on chatting to relatives overseas it will behoove you to investigate. Tesco’s prepaid, for example, is relatively cheap for overseas calls & texts.

Cost of Enterainment in Dublin

Cinema tickets in Dublin will run about €10 per person, depending on what time you see the film during the day. This is a little bit cheaper than London, and about on par with other European cities. Some of Dublin’s museums are free, including two of the most popular & widely respected: National Gallery of Ireland and the Irish Museum of Modern Art. It’s also free to browse around the grounds of Trinity College Dublin.

 Alcohol & entry into nightclubs is again, similar to other European metropolitan areas. So budget for about €7 as an entry fee for a Dublin city nightclub, and €7 for a pint or glass of wine, more for mixed drinks. A cheaper option for a night out is a local pub, where you can potentially get a pint for about €5 & of course, no entry fee. If you’re looking for fun stuff to do in Dublin, take a look at Timeout’s Dublin selection & check in every once in awhile. The 3Arena in Dublin is a major concert venue in Ireland that has hosted Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, One Direction and more. Ticket costs vary, and there are smaller venues dotted across the city that may be a cheaper way to take in some live music or comedy. The Capital Comedy Club, for example, charges just €3 on Tuesdays for entry.