How Should I Budget for Hamburg?

How Much is an Apartment in Hamburg?

Accommodation in Hamburg is on the cheaper end of the spectrum in Europe, so you can get quite a lovely property for a decent price. In an expensive area of the city, you can expect to pay about €1,000 or £750 for a one bedroom, or €700 for something just a bit further afield. Renting a room in an apartment is an impressively low €350 a month on average.

Apartments in Hamburg are modern & more spacious than similar rooms in London and Paris, so you might find you’re able to get room for your euro while saving money. Do keep in mind however that a traditional deposit in Hamburg is 2 to 3 months rent.

Cost of Travel in Hamburg

Metro in Hamburg

Hamburg is a very well-connected city & it’s easy to get around, without having to spend a whole lot. The S-Bahn & U-Bahn are the rapid transit services in Hamburg that service the city - with the S-Bahn also serving the nearby suburbs. The stations aren’t always manned, and perhaps it is for this reason that they’re able to keep the costs down - with a €40.20 (£30) monthly ticket through the major tariff zone using all public transport, this clean & modern public transit system is a great deal.

The bus system in Hamburg is fairly extensive, with 100 different lines running during the day, with 1000s of different stops in the city & close suburbs. An electronic system alerts passengers of the next stop - very handy if you’re not yet familiar with the bus routes of Hamburg!

Cars & gasoline (petrol) are both cheaper in Hamburg than in London, but taxes & extra charges are applied. If you drive the correct kind of car, however, it can be relatively inexpensive. Make sure that you’re driving a vehicle with low emissions & green credentials, and you soon enough can enjoy some of Germany’s well-paved & modern roads, driving down the autobahn as you like.

Walking is a free & convenient way to get around in Hamburg, and the clean sidewalks are welcoming to pedestrians. Bikes are available to be rented through StadtRAD Hamburg, but they’re a relatively expensive choice for an everyday commute. At €12 or £9 a day it seems that they’re meant more for convenient occasional use by visitors or bikeless residents. Perhaps it’s best to buy a bike if you plan to cycle frequently.

Average Food Costs in Hamburg

Food in Hamburg

Groceries are generally cheap in Hamburg, and about on par with other European capitals. A single person can expect to pay about €100 or £75 for groceries, if budgeting to save money. People coming from North America may be surprised to find that grocery stores don’t carry all the things they need for even just one recipe - it’s not uncommon in Germany & most of Europe for that matter to go to many different shops to retrieve everything you need. There are much fewer ‘one stop shops’ than in America, Canada, or Mexico.

Restaurants in Hamburg are on the less expensive side of things generally, but there are some places to go if you’d like to spend a bit more on a nice night out. A mid-range restaurant can run you about €50 or £37 for two people. Schweinske specifically is a chain that has very low price food & drink on offer that is quite popular in Hamburg.

Internet & Phone Costs in Hamburg

Internet speeds in Germany are generally good & served through DSL. There are many providers and they offer some package deals that include TV, landline phone, and internet access. Contracts signed with providers usually come with a required minimum amount of time to stay on contract. Not all areas in Germany are serviced by broadband, however Hamburg has good coverage.

Pay as you go phones are a good option for visitors to Hamburg or those who are relocating but want to research before committing to a long-lasting contract. blauworld, with very reasonable tariffs within Germany & optional add-ons for international calls. Not only that, but they have a very informative English-language website. While bundled phone-and-SIM-cards are rarer than in other European cities, it’s very easy to get an unlocked phone in any city shopping centre, with cheap models ranging at about €20, or £15.

Cost of Enterainment in Hamburg

Things to do in Hamburg include your usual museums, bars & clubs, and parks.

Museums in Hamburg include ones dedicated to chocolate, novelty one-off cars, and amazing miniature versions of international wonders. Take a look at our Hamburg guide for more info - most museums in Germany do require entry fees so expect to pay perhaps about €10 or £7, more or less for entry.

Going out to a bar or nightclub in Hamburg will result in two different experiences & two different price ranges. A .30l of beer in a normal bar will be about €3.00 or £2.00, and a cocktail in a nightclub can range but averages about €10 or £7.50.

Live music & performances are popular in Hamburg - comparable even to the West End of London. Theatre performances currently going on include The Lion King & Phantom of the Opera. Tickets to these popular shows will run about €50 or £37 if you hunt for a good deal. Also interesting to note for English-speakers in Hamburg is the English Theatre, which puts on English language plays. Tickets for an English show are about €25 or £19 for fairly good seats on an off day.