Trusted guests.
Longer stays.

Have a room or flat to rent out? Find high quality guests with FlatClub.

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Trusted guests.
Longer stays.

Have a room or flat to rent out? Find the right guest with FlatClub.

Post Your Flat    Free Photography    Guest Requests

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Our team is available to help. Schedule a call using the form or write directly to Alternatively, you can create your flat listing now for free.

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Host with Peace of Mind

Peace Of Mind

The average FlatClub guest is a professional, visiting a city for graduate programs, internships, consultation projects, or other medium term stays.

Forever Free

It’s free to post your flat on FlatClub, and there is no charge associated with accepting a booking. You'll never pay.

Longer Stays

The average stay on FlatClub is 30 days. Longer stays mean more money & less stress for you!

Customer Service

Receive personalized service and account management whenever you need it.

Guaranteed Payment

We have your money, and we’ll make sure you get it. You won’t have to chase anyone up for rent.

Working With Universities

We work directly with top universities, to help your place get seen by alumni and students.

Free Photography

Not a pro photographer? Ask about our free photography service, and we will send one over.

Verified Guests

We verify the payment from your guests, & you’re able to see all the verification steps a guest has taken on their profile.

What FlatClub hosts are saying


“It was wonderful to have Beatriz and Josep with me this last week! I wont forget the lovely conversation, watching the sunset across the river with them and the warm jokes over drinks and dinner.”

Kavi from London

“Gilles and Stephanie were first class guests. They have been responsive to our questions and extremely polite and considerate. They left the apartment in perfect condition and they even bought flowers for me and my partner.”

Stefano from London

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