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Finding accommodation for your internship abroad is too often associated with being too difficult, too expensive and too time-consuming. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way and FlatClub offers entire flats and rooms in many major cities in the world. From London to Zurich and New York, our thousands of hosts have many affordable flats and rooms for medium-term stays.

Not familiar with the city? We’ve written over a dozen relocation guides with detailed information on city-specific advice so you can master every challenge that may come your way in your new home.


Your best option is to start looking as soon as possible. When you receive your internship offer, do your research and look for a flat or a room. Once you know your monthly budget for accommodation and your office location, put that into our clever search window. For your convenience, you can even filter by commute distance to your office! Before you send a booking request, make you read the description of the flat, the reviews and of course the bio of the host to get a full understand of the listing. This might after all be your new home for the next few months.

Get in touch with the host, tell them about your needs and requirements and ask them about their house rules and whatever is necessary for you to know to feel at home. Don't forget to have a look at the amenities of the listing. Does it offer wifi? Do you need a washing machine and dryer? Do you want to spend a little extra for a dish washer?


Wherever in the world you move to, it is most likely that rent is going to take the lion’s share of your salary every month. Do some research which parts of the city are the most affordable while still being safe to live in. Our Relocation Guides can help you with that in over eighteen cities in the world! Think about whether you want to live closer to your work or further away to get more physical as well as emotional distance.

What to take into consideration when looking for accommodation

  • what’s my budget?
  • do I want an entire flat or a single room?
  • which areas are trendy?
  • which areas have a high percentage of young professionals and students
  • do I want to live close to work and reduce my commute or do I need distance to relax?
  • do I have friends who live in certain neighbourhoods?

Whether you’re using FlatClub to find your room and board or just read a few of our helpful tips, we hope you have an amazing stay during your internship abroad!


If you're new to town, our relocation guides and blog articles are a great way to get oriented. Browse our guides for transportation info, cultural highlights, nightlife, markets, travel apps and more.

New York internship accommodation

New York City

The concrete jungle is every intern’s dream and finding a good, paid internship can be challenging. The competition is stiff and New York City is expensive to live in but in the end an internship in the area you want to work in is going to give your career a great boost. Check out our comprehensive Relocation Guide to the Big Apple for all the information you need!

London internship accommodation


The UK’s capital can be just as expensive as New York City - if not more so! Particularly during summer, London is a great city to call home. From outdoor immersive cinema to creative pop-ups, there’s always something going on in the Big Smoke. Mandatory after-work drinks with the colleagues make sure you will quickly connect with London residents. London is our home and we couldn't be prouder to be working in this amazing city. Everything you need to find your way around London can be found in our extensive Relocation Guide to the UK capital.

Berlin internship accommodation


A Bohemian dream, Berlin has become the center of Europe’s art and creative scene. If you’re not looking for the big companies, the German capital offers a huge variety of startups battling to race to the top and become the next Uber, Airbnb or EatFresh. Our Relocation Guide to the German capital is a must read if you're thinking about heading to Berlin!

Dublin internship accommodation


Ireland’s tax system has allowed tech companies to pop up all over the city and show an immense power of growth. Irish hospitality is known around the world and you will quickly make friends in this beautiful, old yet dynamic and progressive city. We've taken all the necessary information and put it in our Relocation Guide to the Irish capital.

Zurich internship accommodation


The largest city in Switzerland, Zurich has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe. The service and the finance sectors make up the largest group of employers and having worked for a Swiss bank or other finance-related company is sure to make your CV stand out! Have a look at our Relocation Guide to the Swiss capital.


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