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Medium term rentals in the Swiss city


Are you planning to move to Zurich for an internship soon? Finding appropriate and affordable accommodation for three to six months anywhere in the world is difficult but the well-known shortage of student housing in Switzerland is making it even more complicated to find a home for medium term.

Luckily, we have a few tips ready on how to find the right place for you!


The earlier you start looking for accommodation, the cheaper it is going to be and the sooner you can put your mind at ease. As soon as you have your internship secured, get online and start looking for a place to stay. We at FlatClub always provide you with the help you need - whether that’s choosing the right area, finding out the approximate amount of rent you should budget for or just generally helping you get settled in your new Swiss home.

Start your research about Zurich’s neighbourhoods early on and find out exactly which areas are affordable, trendy and filled with young professionals. Just like every other major city in the world, Zurich has not been immune to gentrification and hipsterization and recent years have seen once dodgy areas turned into trendy young locations.

Having undergone significant redevelopment in the last few years, West Zurich and specifically Kreis 5 have become a magnet for hipsters, artists and young professionals alike. Don’t expect the idyllic Swiss landscapes from tourist brochures and tv ads but new cafes, restaurants and bars make it one of the most interesting and unique locations to live in Zurich.

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This free to enter botanical garden is not the biggest of its kind but it’s cute and a fun way to spend a day. About 17 species of tropical birds reside here among them Toucans! These birds with the colourful peak are always fascinating to see and witnessing their behaviour makes you feel like you’re in the tropics rather than a metropolitan city.

Sweet Zurich Tour
Switzerland is famous for their delicious chocolate, Toblerone and many others are known throughout the world. What a fun & tasty way to discover the old city of Zurich! Your guide will take you along to some famous & lesser known chocolatiers, patisseries, and other sweet shops in Zurich. There will also be free samples available. Shop to your heart - and stomach’s - content!

Beyer Zurich Clock & Watch Museum
You know what else Switzerland is famous for - watches! This museum of timepieces will keep you entranced for a fair amount of time, and at a low cost of 8 CHF. There are very unique pieces here, one-of-a-kind, and incredibly rare & antiquated.



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