What’s everybody talking about when they talk about FlatClub?

Flat Club Launches ‘Priceline For P2P Rental’, Allows Guests To Post Requests

"Apartment rentals and sharing startup Flat Club has launched a radically new function which we think is pretty cool. It’s created a sort of ‘Priceline for peer to peer rentals’ called LiveDemand. Instead of hosts posting listings, guests post requests for accommodation and hosts then can pick and choose which guests to make offers to."

FlatClub Releases Live Bidding Feature

"LiveDemand reverses the way that P2P rentals operate, so rather than the property owner posting a property to rent, renters post a desired booking with dates and location. Property owners can then make direct offers to potential renters using the platform."

FlatClub raises 1.5mil, plots further expansion

"FlatClub, a rental marketplace for university students and alumni, has announced funding of $1.5m from venture capitalists and angel investors."

FlatClub, an Airbnb for Elite Universities lands 1.5Mil Investment to Scale Up

"The investment will enable FlatClub, which was established by former London Business School graduates Nitzan Yudan and Tomer Kalish, to increase the number of listings from 10,000 to 30,000 rooms and apartments available for short stays within 12 months, launching a new technology platform to further expand its presence across Europe and the USA."

FlatClub Launches Its ‘Trusted Airbnb For University Students’ On U.S. Campuses

"You might not think there could be a new take on the Airbnb model but FlatClub thinks it has found one. The startup pitches itself as a sort of LinkedIn for short-term renting – or perhaps Airbnb for Students."

FlatClub targets US student community after recent European roll out

"FlatClub has extended its service from Europe to the US starting with 30 universities."

10 Innovative Websites That Will Change the Way You Travel

"FlatClub melds the successful Airbnb principle with social networking. Rather than renting a room or house/apartment/cottage to complete strangers, you rent to other members of "clubs" you've joined based on mutual interests and trust. "

The streets are paved with nerds

"You might not think there could be a new take on the Airbnb model but FlatClub thinks it has found one. The startup pitches itself as a sort of LinkedIn for short-term renting – or perhaps Airbnb for Students."

Finding ways to fund your small business

"Schemes such as Seis can help small businesses find investors. Nitzan Yudan explains how his business got the funding it needed."

How Business School Can Prepare Entrepreneurs For Startup Life

"FlatClub helps students and alumni from top universities, business schools and companies find medium term rentals by leveraging a user's existing social networks."

FlatClub Leverages Trust, Social Networks To Facilitate Short-Term Letting; Lands Funding

"The list of backers includes private equity specialist Jeremy Coller, Prof. Florin Vasvary from the London Business School and Prof. Eli Talmor, who leads the Venture Capital and Private Equity Institute at the London Business School."

FlatClub Helps MBAs Rent Their Flats To Each Other

"London Business School MBA Nitzan Yudan tells us why he set up this exclusive community for medium term flat renting within your social networks."

FlatClub Secures Series A Funding, Recruits Managers For European Push

"The funding round [...] will go towards extending the service into new cities and new networks."

TechCrunch One-Sentence-Pitching Competition

"My company, FlatClub, is developing an online marketplace to help students and alumni of top universities find short-term accommodation by leveraging existing social networks to create trust." (Ranked 1st out of 650 Startups)

Building Networks Within Global Networks

"It is a site that is based on leveraging the trust formed in academic and professional networks for short-term property rental opportunities."

Companies Really Can Be Built Upon Trust

"People are just so much more comfortable renting to their workplace/university network or to friends of friends."

FlatClub Celebrates First Successful Year And Looks To Expand In Europe

“FlatClub is like the portal of portal – creating a platform where alumni of one business schools can communicate with alumni of another business school”. “We keep receiving excellent feedback from both hosts and guests."

Getting More From Social Networks

"Social networks provide SMEs with the opportunity to get real traction and impact with customers by building on the fundamental concept behind them – trust."

Hot Property

"FlatClub allows private hosts to post their properties to selected members of their social networks in a win-win situation for all."

FlatClub Targets Trust Factor In Buzz Around Short-Term Lettings

"80% of our flats are new to the market – people who never posted their flat on the internet because of lack of trust."

Giving Birth

"3 things helped me develop the business – Faculty members, alumni, and my friends."