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A medium term rental is from a few weeks to a few months - usually over 3 weeks and under 6 months. Short term lets typically mean a week or two and long term lets will start at 6 months plus.

Medium term accommodation is in between a stay for your holiday and new permanent residence - a temporary place to call home. You’re not a tourist, but you’re not staying permanently and you need a comfortable, transport connected, welcoming place to live that can be your home away from home.


The modern world of study and work is generating an increasing need for medium term accommodation. If you’re attending a course, trialing a new job, on school or work rotation or working on a temporary contract you will need accommodation that falls outside of conventional hotel or lease options.

Interns, study abroad program participants, consultants, contractors, short course students, executive students, language course students, work placement candidates and multiple-city-dwelling young professionals are a few examples of guests who are in the market for medium term stays.



Specialised in medium-term stays
FlatClub helps you find the right accommodation based on your preferences, budget and even commute time.

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Our online booking system makes it super easy and quick to book online. Secure your new home from the comfort of your computer.

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We help you get settled with our extensive Relocation Guides and up-to-date newsletter.


Conventional accommodation solutions - hotels and property leasing - do not cater well to the needs of guests seeking medium term rentals.

Hotels are expensive and made for short stays
Staying at a hotel from a few weeks to a few months can be prohibitively expensive if it is even possible to book for the duration of your stay. Some budget hotels may offer the right price range but present the risk of living in an undesirable accommodation for few weeks or months. Additionally, when you need to live somewhere for study or work it is nice to have a kitchen, and a place work and a place that feels a little more like where you would live normally.

The conventional property market doesn’t meet your needs
In most major cities landlords and property agencies require a 6 month minimum lease term, sometimes longer. If you assume the lease responsibility you can try to find someone to take over the contract but of course run the risk of being stuck with the bill. Additionally, most properties aren’t furnished or are partially furnished which means additional time and money spent shopping for furniture and basics.

The conventional property market takes a lot of your time
How much time do you want to spend browsing ads, setting viewings and negotiating terms with landlords or property agents when your stay is only a few months? It can end up being a very time consuming process, all of which takes energy and effort away from the reason you’re traveling in the first place.


The FlatClub marketplace offers direct access to medium term rentals to browse and book all in one place. We believe in saving you time and hassle when you need to find an affordable place to stay from a few weeks to a few months.
The medium term options in our marketplace include sublets, rooms from live in landlords, flat shares, studios & flats from property managers specializing in extended stays and FlatClub hosts who like to rent on the occasion to guests they can trust.
You can browse pictures, read reviews about the host and the property, check amenities, look at transportation options, get information about the neighborhood and most importantly - communicate directly with the host before you book.

We specialize in recruiting hosts seeking medium term stay guests. Many accommodations are offered on Best Price Guarantee with guaranteed secure payment that you can request to book in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take you to research the market, schedule viewings and negotiate terms in a conventional process.
To assist your research and consideration process we make it easy to determine if a listing has key amenities like wifi, private bathrooms, kitchen availability, washing machines and linen. Our relocation guides also help you get a flavor for the neighborhood and our commute calculator will tell you exactly how you can best get to your class, job or client.



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