How Should I Budget for Milan?

How Much is an Apartment in Milan?

Milan is a relatively inexpensive city for being a major metropolitan area, especially one known for glamorous & pricy high fashion. A one bedroom apartment in a nice, central area of Milan will cost about €1200 or £900 a month on average. Rooms rented in shared apartments vary of course, but can average around €400 or £300 a month. Considering the relatively inexpensive cost of single-occupancy apartments, you may find that many in Milan choose to live alone or with partners.

It’s worth noting that in Italy a ‘loft’ does not mean an apartment above ground - rather, it means an open-plan layout apartment, like a studio. Like studios, these are generally a bit cheaper than apartments with separate rooms.

Apartments in Milan range greatly in terms of amenities, for example, as hot as Italy gets there are occasionally apartments without air conditioning, so look out for the phrase aria condizionata if you’re used to keeping cool in the summer.

Most in Milan do live in the city centre or the very close neighboring areas, and the suburbs aren’t as densely populated with commuters as other cities - such as London. Stick to the city centre & things should stay simple.

Cost of Travel in Milan

Public transportation in Milan is mostly made up of a system of 70 above-ground lines, that make use of trams, buses, and trolleys to get around the city.

There is an underground system comprised of 4 lines, but it isn’t extensive and is therefore less useful day-to-day than the above ground systems. However, it does move faster - if your daily commute happens to be on one of these lines, it’s good news for you & the amount of time you have in the morning!

Italian transport tickets are similar to tickets in Paris - you pay not based off of your destination, but instead your journey length. Generally tickets within the city of Milan cost €1.50 or about £1 for 90 minutes of travel time, utilizing almost all transport choices. You may also buy a 24 hour ticket for €4.50 or £3.30.

Milan isn’t really a cycle friendly city, as it stands - although many groups are trying to introduce more bike lanes & laws that are good for cyclists. We can’t really suggest cycling as method of getting around the city as right now - but who knows for the future!

Average Food Costs in Milan

Food Costs in Milan

Italians are of course known for their food, and Milan is no exception when it comes to great eats. With that quality comes a bit of a price, though. Groceries in Italy can run about €200 a month, or £150. While you can save money by shopping at budget grocery stores or buying lower quality produce - we can honestly recommend enjoying yourself & your food while you’re in Italy - it’s some of the best you will ever have!

Restaurants in Milan serve, by and large, Italian food. Makes sense, as Italians are very proud of their cuisine & aren’t necessarily as experimental as other nations are with food. You can expect to pay upwards of .

It’s interesting to note that most all bars in Milan participate in a ‘happy hour’ - from 6 to 8 in the evening you can have free nibbles all the way up to a main course buffet service with purchase of a drink. Drinks served at this time include long mixed drinks such as Campari Orange & beer, averaging about €7 or £5 for a drink & all that additional food. Just don’t drink to excess - it’s rare to see someone in Milan visibly intoxicated, as it’s not culturally acceptable.

Internet & Phone Costs in Milan

The internet in Italy is not considered to be of great quality - with low broadband speeds & a smaller rate of use than other European countries, you can understand why.

However, Telecom Italia has an offer that is very useful for new residents of Italy. For €39 or £29 a month you’ll receive unlimited ADSL broadband & a SIM card. Kill two birds with one stone by using this plan, and get an unlocked mobile phone for about €30 or £22 in shopping centres. Make sure you have your passport handy when you buy the SIM card however, as you’ll be required to register it as part of an Italian anti-terrorism law.

Cost of Enterainment in Milan

Entertainment Costs in Milan

Milan is a city with lots of nightclubs & glamorous things to do in the evening. Makes sense being one of the fashion & banking capitals of the world that things can be a bit expensive. Drinks can be as high as €25 or £18 in the poshest clubs. To get in, you must also be dressed for a glamorous occasion - in and of itself, an outfit that ‘works’ can be costly. If you’re interested in a night out where you may spot some of Europe’s most beautiful people, and perhaps a recognizable face or two, we recommend dressing up and nursing perhaps just one cocktail for the night. There are of course cheaper nightclubs for younger people, but you’ll still need a bit of style & some spending money with the average cocktail being about €11 or £8.

However, you can go out on a budget - especially if you take a look at TimeOut for Milan. As mentioned before, drinking to drunkenness is culturally frowned upon in Italy, so if you do go out and have a few drinks, make sure you pace yourself & know when to stop.

Museums in Italy are generally well-constructed but slightly smaller - however they’re also well chosen and quite inexpensive. Many of the Italian masters of the Renaissance have exhibitions & some of their best known work displayed throughout Milan. The Pinacoteca di Brera has work from Caravaggio, Bellini, and Bramante, with an entry cost of €5 or £3.70.

Even more well known among Italy’s prestigious artists is Leonardo da Vinci. His famous work, the Last Supper, is on display in a Milanese church. Tickets for the church-cum-museum are €17 or £13. A small price to pay to see one of the world’s most famous works of art in situ.

The preservation of amazing architecture in Milan does make for an entertaining path to stroll down, especially when you’ve just moved and are getting used to the city.