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Moving to Munich for an internship is an exciting undertaking! The city is probably the most German of all cities with its scenic landscape, beautiful architecture and annual Oktoberfest celebrations. Most of its buildings have survived two World Wars and Munich boasts a gorgeous old town in its city center.

Arrange medium term accommodation well before you move to Munich. This way, you can get to know the city and organise all your admin during your first few weeks abroad, whilst having somewhere comfortable to go back to at night. Finding a place to stay in advance will also calm your nerves prior to departure and ease the pressure of having to find long-term accommodation immediately. .

Finding accommodation for your internship in Munich can be quite tedious and difficult but we are here to help all the way!.


The earlier you start looking for accommodation, the cheaper it is going to be and the sooner you can put your mind at ease. As soon as you have your internship secured, get online and start looking for a place to stay. We at FlatClub always provide you with the help you need - whether that’s choosing the right area, finding out the approximate amount of rent you should budget for or just generally helping you get settled in your new German home.

Start your research about Munich’s neighbourhoods early on and find out exactly which areas are affordable, trendy and filled with young professionals. Just like every other major city in the world, Munich has not been immune to gentrification and hipsterization and recent years have seen once dodgy areas turned into trendy young locations. Most of Munich however has always been posher than the rest of Germany so you should expect to pay higher rents than the average German prices.

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Marienplatz In Munich, all road lead to Marienplatz. Site of both the old and new town hall, Marienplatz, and the notorious Glockenspiel, is the epicentre of activity for locals and tourists alike. A walk around Marienplatz includes a visit to churches like the Peterskirche and the Frauenkirche and is littered with WWII history for those who seek it.

Olympic Park In addition to exploring the many hiking paths that cut through the park, tourists are welcome to pay tribute to a memorial dedicated to victims of the 1972 Olympic Games, visit the original athlete’s village, and stand in awe at the suspended roof connecting the Olympic swimming pool, hall and the stadium. The park hosts a number of events throughout the year including festivals, sporting events and outdoor concerts for all to enjoy!

Schloss Nymphenburg The Nymphenburg Palace was a favourite residence of the Bavarian royal family and is a great place to enjoy a stroll through its many beautiful gardens.!