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Bring a valuable medium term accommodation resource to your students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the community.

Private, short-term accommodations provided by your community for your community

FlatClub is an ideal solution when you’re staying too long for a hotel but not long enough to sign a lease. We can help your department offer high quality options for private rooms, apartments and homes for visiting faculty, researchers, alumni, friends and family of your community. FlatClub is a 1 night to 6 month accommodations marketplace for your University community.

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The London Business School

After a little over 2 years in existence, 99.2% of LBS Club members say they would recommend FlatClub to friends and family. Fill out the form above and we’ll send you an infographic profile on the LBS Club with information on how we can help make your University Club a success.

LBS Alumni Relations Testimonial

“We share FlatClub on our Reunion website as one the accommodation solutions for the hundreds of reuniting alumni, many who are travelling from abroad. FlatClub has offered a terrific, easy to use accommodation service for alumni coming back to London to attend our Reunion weekend.”

Sian Hoggett, Senior Alumni Relations Manager – London Business School

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