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Bring a valuable medium-term accommodation resource to your students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the community.

Make it easy for students to find medium-term accommodations before, during and after their exchange

Each term your outgoing exchange students leave for Universities abroad and incoming exchange students make your campus a new home. FlatClub makes it very easy for them to find a room when they are going abroad or coming to your campus as exchange students. It’s their portal to high quality accommodations that feel like home.

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Why does our program need FlatClub?

Students from international programs are sent abroad without any set accommodation. It’s very difficult for them to find housing - especially abroad. Reasons why include:

  • They’re students so there is no set salary upon arrival, and sometimes landlords require the security that a salaried renter brings.
  • It’s incredibly difficult to find accommodation for stays under a year.
  • It’s expensive, and sometimes agencies take extra large deposits for medium term rentals.

How We Can Help

FlatClub offers a solution for these tricky medium term stays: more than 75,000 flats, located in all the main European cities. Students can browse and book from abroad, and travel with peace of mind knowing they have a room /flat waiting for them at their destination. These are some of the ways we make the process easier:

  • Students can find accommodation before they travel.
  • No reference checks: we won’t ask for any contracts, pay slips, or referrals to book your online accommodation.
  • You will have a dedicated account manager to assist your students through the booking process.
  • Cheaper than letting agencies, and specializing in stays of 3 to 6 months! We don’t think we’re doing you a huge favor by letting you stay somewhere for this length of time...letting agencies do.

LBS Alumni Relations Testimonial

“We share FlatClub on our Reunion website as one the accommodation solutions for the hundreds of reuniting alumni, many who are travelling from abroad. FlatClub has offered a terrific, easy to use accommodation service for alumni coming back to London to attend our Reunion weekend.”

Sian Hoggett, Senior Alumni Relations Manager – London Business School

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