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Before You Go to Prague

Before You Get on the Plane

Before you visit the Czech Republic make sure you have all required documentation, including visas, work permits, marriage certificates, et cetera for your Prague relocation. It is a good idea to make a checklist. The visa process can take some time, so make sure you have left plenty of time to arrange this.

Have a check-up with your doctor and dentist before you go. Also stock up on prescriptions to take with you – you'll most likely be able to get them while staying in Prague but it's just another thing to worry about while you're there.

Receive all necessary immunizations before travel, and check with your local insurance in case they have coverage that would apply in the Czech Republic. Make sure you have your doctor’s international phone number in case you have a medical emergency and an Irish doctor would need to obtain your medical records from your doctor at home.

Just Landed!


The main airport servicing the Czech Republic is in Prague, making it easy to get into the city center upon arrival - it should take about an hour on public transport or less than 30 minutes in a taxi or car.

The airport is divided into 3 terminals, with one of the terminals dedicated only to private flights and chartered planes.

Make sure you know the address, post code, and nearest public transport of your destination. Make sure you have Euros with you – avoid using the cash machines inside the airport as they may charge you a premium for withdrawing your money.

Travelling in Prague

Learning how to travel through the city is an important step in moving to Prague, or even just a vacation. For tips on travelling within Prague once you arrive -along with fun things to go see- please check out our Tips from Locals guide!


Emergency services can be contacted using the Europe-wide number, 112. The local police can be reached at 158.

Prague is as safe as any city in Europe - like anywhere you should be aware of your surroundings as you walk along, especially at night or if you're by yourself. Specifically watch for pickpockets, especially in busy areas that are frequented by tourists.