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Dublin Relocation Tips

Moving to Dublin

We know it's difficult to sort out accommodation in Dublin before you get here as the rental market is fast-moving, and it is best to get a feel for a place first. If you are relocating to Dublin for longer than 6 months, we recommend renting a flat for a couple of weeks to give you time to get to know the city, and figure out exactly where you want to live long-term.

Healthcare in Dublin

Before moving to Dublin, visit your local health care professional and dentist and receive any immunizations and a certificate of health. Confirm that any prescriptions you will need will be available in Ireland, or make sure to ask your doctor to provide you with an ample supply or a way to deliver them to you while you are living in Dublin.

Once you’ve began living or working in Dublin from Europe, you'll be able to use your EHIC. If you're from the United States or another country, look into your insurance company's options for Europe.

Private health care is also available in Ireland, and it works well alongside public care. Please research to find out which option is best for you.

Opening a Bank Account

If you already have a bank account with a global bank it’s worth checking with them if you can open a local account in the Ireland. This will be much easier than starting from nothing.

To set a up a bank account after you move to Dublin, you will need several proofs of identity so take your passport, driving licence, visa, proof of address (or if you haven’t got a Irish address yet, proof of previous address and a letter from the university or employer confirming residency) and previous bank statements. Most banks don’t charge commissions for current accounts.