Short term lets

Short term lets

We help you find affordable short term rentals


Are you looking for short term lets? Finding lets that are shorter than the regular 6 or 12-month minimum contracts in any city can be excruciatingly difficult or just plain expensive. There are huge markets for holiday accommodation, including hotels, hostels and P2P rentals on a nightly basis. On the other side you have long term rentals through agencies and landlords. But none of them cater to short term lets. Which is exactly why we founded FlatClub - a marketplace specifically designed for affordable medium term accommodation from anything between a few weeks and a few months. That way you don’t have to pay over the odds for expensive hotel rooms and you don’t have to deal with landlords who want you to stay at least six months or even longer.

Our marketplace mostly covers cities in Europe with a particular focus on UK cities. We have tens of thousands of listings in the British capital, London, and many more in the rest of Europe and the world.

Whether you’re moving to a city for an internship, a short course, a (temporary) work relocation or for your studies, FlatClub will help you sort out your accommodation.


  1. Search for a place to stay in the city of your choice and choose your specific preferences depending on budget, location or even commute time to any place in the city!
  2. Contact the host to clear any questions you might have and send a booking request. As soon as the host agrees to your request, you’re booked and good to go on your adventure!
  3. Start preparing for your trip. Check out our guides on numerous cities. Read our blog, sign up to our newsletter and and always be in the know!
  4. Check in to your new home and get in touch with our help team if our assistance is required.
  5. Don’t forget to leave a review when you’ve checked out so that the next customer can get a clearer picture of the listing.


Specialised in medium-term stays
FlatClub helps you find the right accommodation based on your preferences, budget and even commute time.

Easy online booking with peace of mind
Our online booking system makes it super easy and quick to book online. Secure your new home from the comfort of your computer.

Settle into your new home
We help you get settled with our extensive Relocation Guides and up-to-date newsletter.


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