Summer internship accommodation

Summer internship accommodation

Looking for a place to stay for your internship abroad?


Getting a summer internship abroad is exciting but after the first exhilarating moments of getting accepted have passed, you probably started writing a to-do list to stay on top of everything. Besides all the administrative and bureaucratic tasks, finding accommodation for the time of your internship should be high up on your list.

Finding internship accommodation on a medium-term basis can be an excruciatingly long process: staying in a hotel for 6 months is going to be too expensive, hostels are usually too crowded and noisy to stay for longer periods and finding a tenant that leases a room or flat for under a year can prove to be an impossible task.

Which is where FlatClub comes in! We specialise in offering medium-term accommodation and most of our hosts are happy to take you in for the duration of your internship without breaking the bank.

Not familiar with the city? We’ve written extensive relocation guides with detailed information on city-specific advice so you can master every challenge that may come your way in your new home.


local currency

Local currency
You can pay in your local currency, wherever you go.


You are safe from scammers when booking through our highly protected payment system. All contact and transactions are happening through our system. This way, we make sure that you are protected from scammers when you pay.


Pay in instalments
When you book with other marketplaces and websites for accommodation, you have to pay for the whole duration of your stay upfront - a huge strain on anyone’s budget. With FlatClub, you have the option to pay in monthly instalments when you book a place for a few month.

No references required

No references required
We won’t ask you for any references or other costly and time-consuming documentation.

Travel with peace of mind

Travel with peace of mind
Knowing that you’ve already booked your place for the next few months takes a load off your mind. You’re free to occupy yourself with other important things and you can travel to your new home with peace of mind.

Book from abroad

Book from abroad without hassle
You can book your medium term accommodation through our system in the knowledge that you do not have to go through dozens of annoying viewings or transitional hostel stays that drag on and on until you find a decent place.


Do some research when it comes to which parts of the city you are moving to are occupied by students and young professionals - a good sign of affordable rent. Most cities inner centres are too expensive to live in and the trendier areas are usually found on the fringes of the city centre.


We've put together a list of the best cities for you to intern in. We've also written detailed relocation guides to each of these cities so if you'd like to know more about moving there and what life is like then check these out. On top of that, we continually provide you with new content on our blog and through our newsletter. So sign up now!

London summer internship accommodation


Zone 1 of London’s public transport system is mostly too expensive to live in and most student and young professional areas can be found within Zone 2. East as well as South London have become increasingly popular and you will be able to find a room for under £700 a month in these areas.

New York summer internship accommodation

New York

Most of Manhattan from Downtown to the northern end of Central Park are too expensive to live on an internship budget. So are the western parts of Brooklyn around hipster posterchild Williamsburg. New trendy and affordable areas can be found in Upper Manhattan, Queens and eastern Brooklyn. Rent varies but expect to pay around $1000 a month for a room.

Berlin summer internship accommodation


While Berlin is still incredibly cheap compared to other big cities, rents have been rising steadily. Areas such as Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain used to be the best neighbourhoods to live in for interns and young professionals but have become too expensive in recent years. Look for flats in Neukoelln, Wedding or Kreuzberg.