How Should I Budget for Wroclaw?

How Much is an Apartment in Wroclaw?

Apartments in Wroclaw are reasonably priced, and you can expect to pay about €480 or £361 for a 1 bedroom apartment in a good development, near the city center. Bills also factor into the cost, and if paid separately you can expect them to run about €71 or £55 for a single person, including gas & electricity. If you choose to rent a room in Wroclaw rather than an entire apartment, your rent per month will be somewhere around €200 or £150.

Apartments in Poland are generally smaller & not as well equipped as their Western European or North American counterparts, but on the other they are also for less expensive. You may find, for example, the kitchen facilities lacking in a cheaper apartment. So if you enjoy cooking, you may want to be sure your Wroclaw accommodation has a fully equipped kitchen. If there is a facility that is important to you in your apartment back home, it’s best to check if it is available in your new Wroclaw apartment. If it’s important, it will be worth spending a little extra for a more luxurious accommodation.

Living further out of the city is an option, but you may be surprised to find out that prices go slightly up - that’s because lots of accommodation in the suburbs surrounding Wroclaw are terraced homes, which are pricier. They are, however, a good option for families or those not interested in apartment living.

Cost of Travel in Wroclaw

Metro in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is serviced by trams, buses, and taxis primarily. It’s recommended to obtain an URBANCARD as soon as possible if you plan to use public transportation frequently in Wroclaw. This card discounts all of your travel, and using it in tandem with encoded tickets will cost €75 or £55 for 2 months worth of travel in Wroclaw. Therefore making a month’s worth of travel approximately €37.50 or £27.50.

It’s not recommended to drive in the city of Wroclaw due to road conditions & the number of accidents that occur, and instead perhaps we suggest using a taxi if you’re unable to use public transportation. A taxi ride can cost about €6.65 or £5 every 5 miles, an average price throughout much of continental Europe.

Cyclist commuters aren’t that common, however Wroclaw is a bike friendly city in Poland. There are over 100km of bike lanes in the city, most following along with lovely greenery & canals. There is also a public bike-sharing program known as NextBike - but make sure you’ve got a Polish bank account, you’ll need one to rent a bike.

Average Food Costs in Wroclaw

Similar to Krakow & the rest of Poland, food in Wroclaw is fairly inexpensive - so long as you stick to Polish staples. Food that has been imported from elsewhere in Europe, Asia, or North America is expensive - you can expect to pay about 30% more than usual for imported foodstuffs. You still have lots of options for groceries though - ham, sausage, potatoes, cabbage, and grain products are produced in Poland, and are plentiful and cheap. A single person can expect to pay about €140 or £100 a month on groceries, but this cost can be brought down if you stick to just Polish food, or increased if you buy lots of imported things.

Eating out varies, but in general the price to have a nice meal in Wroclaw is cheaper than other European cities. Some of Yelp’s best reviewed restaurants in Wroclaw are as inexpensive as €4 or £3 for a main course, so you certainly can eat cheaply & enjoy Poland’s traditional cuisine.

Internet & Phone Costs in Wroclaw

Broadband access in Wroclaw is fairly good, in the middle for speed on average & easily accessed by the population. A 250 mb/s internet connection in Poland will cost about €25 or £18 a month.

Wifi signals are easy to find throughout Wroclaw - internet cafes also remain an option in Wroclaw - including Intermax, where the cost for 90 minutes online is €1.20 or £1. Lots of bars, coffee shops & hotels offer free wifi, so you can have a drink & access your email.

3G is also available throughout Poland, and if you have a 3G enabled phone you’ll find it easy to get a signal in Wroclaw.

Getting a SIM card, top-ups, and an unlocked phone in Poland is also easy. Play provides them to visitors for €5 or £3.75 a month with unlimited text & 1GB of data, plus extra top ups you choose. You can also find SIMs that provide unlimited data & good deals on international calls, including Lebara. An unlocked phone can be found easily in the city centre of Wroclaw or online for around €20 (£15) for a mid-range quality phone.

Cost of Enterainment in Wroclaw

Entertainment Costs in Wroclaw

Alcohol is inexpensive in Wroclaw, and is an easy way to make friends - or rather, become better friends with acquaintances. Polish beer & spirits are stronger, on average, than those found in Western Europe so make sure to pace yourself, even if they are cheap. You can expect to pay about €2.15 or £1.60 for just under a pint of strong beer in a bar or restaurant.

Going out to a nightclub in Wroclaw is popular weekend entertainment for young people, and there are many dotted throughout the city. Entry fees are usually €4.75 (£3) or less, and once you’re in the drinks will cost about €4.25 or £3.20. A cheap night out, but be careful as it’s easy to drink more than you realize, especially at that price.

Museums in Wroclaw include the Archeology Museum, the Architecture Museum, and a great National Museum that houses one of the largest collections of Polish art. To see the permanent collections of many of these museums is free entry, and temporary exhibits cost an additional €2.90 or £2.