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Before You Go to Zurich

Before You Get on the Plane

Leaving for Zurich

Before you visit Zurich, if you plan on permenantly or even temporarily relocating & working in Switzerland, you need to make sure that your documents are in order & you are legally able to work in Switzerland. While citizens from many EU countries are currently allowed free movement into Switzerland & are permitted to work, this isn't the case for each EU country & is certainly not true for non-EU citizens. For more information visit the official Swiss immigration website in English.

Have a check in with your doctor and dentist before you depart. Also stock up on prescriptions to take with you – while you're likely to be able to get them in Zurich, it's just something you'll not have to worry about.

Receive all of the necessary immunizations & medical care before travel, and check with your insurance provider in case they have coverage that would apply in Switzerland.

Just Landed!


There is one major airport in Zurich:

Make sure you have the address of your final destination in Zurich. Public transporation is available to take from the airport, and you can expect to be in the city center in about half an hour, via the train connections. There is also buses available & a taxi rank at the airport, so you have your choice of transporation options.

Travelling in Zurich

Travelling through Zurich is easy - it's a great city for public transportation! For tips on travelling within Zurich once you've arrived - please check out our Tips from Locals guide!


The emergency number for an ambulance or medical emergency is 144. The number for the police is 117, and for the fire department it is 118.

Switzerland is a safe country in general, but keep your wits about you as you would in any city.