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Zurich Relocation Tips

Moving to Zurich

Arrange medium-term accommodation well before you move to Zurich. This way you can get used to things & investigate the neighborhoods you'd best like to stay in. Take a look at some of the medium-term rentals in Zurich here on FlatClub.

In terms of more permanent housing, there are a few options in Zurich. Many people rent, which will make it quite easy & normalized to find rental accommodation. Apartments are also quite modern & well-equipped. Be sure to ask about furnishings and other conveniences such as if utilities and if they are included in the rent.

Healthcare in Zurich

Switzerland has a mandatory healthcare insurance arrangement and all of its citizens (or residents for periods of longer than 3 months) are required to have some form of health insurance, with many options available. Switzerland has the world's lowest infant mortality rate, and one of the best life expectancy rates in the world, as well.

Opening a Bank Account

It's very easy to open a bank account in Switzerland, even as a non-resident. You have to be over the age of 18. There are minimum deposits and depending on the sort of account you want to open, you may have to pay a substantial amount to start it. You also need to be able to prove where your money is coming from as a non-resident due to Switzerland's anti-money laundering laws. There is a lot of information out there about opening a Swiss bank account, as they are a popular option for people who are working with large sums of money & attempting to evade their nation's tax laws. Things have tightening up with regards to this in the last few years, but you can still find lots of info online about Swiss bank accounts.